David Goodwillie: Clyde to ‘terminate’ Raith Rovers loan deal after backlash

Clyde is to cancel David Goodwillie’s loan deal with Raith Rovers following backlash over the striker’s return to the club.

It comes after the Scottish women’s side announced they would part ways with the club after Clyde agreed to quit Goodwillie, who was found to be rapist by a civil court. North Lanarkshire Council also said Goodwillie would be banned from the club’s stadium as a result of the deal.

The striker spent five years at Clyde before signing for Raith Rovers in January, which caused a backlash and led to the Championship side vowing he would not appear for the club.

Goodwillie then returned to Clyde on loan, but in a short statement late on Thursday evening, Clyde said: “The club are in the process of terminating the loan agreement with Raith Rovers for David Goodwillie tonight.”

Crime writer Val McDermid, who ended her sponsorship of Raith Rovers following their decision to sign Goodwillie, previously praised the Clyde women’s team for taking a stand.

In a statement, the Clyde Women’s Team players said: “All of the Women’s Team players have discussed the situation with the General Manager/Secretary and they ALL agree that we do not wish to no longer play for Clyde FC. This will begin with immediate effect.

“As a group of female footballers, all we want is to play the sport we love, but due to the current circumstances we cannot do that.” The team’s general manager, David McGoldrick, has also resigned.

Praising the band’s decision, McDermid said, “I think the world has changed in the last five years. Societal acceptance of violence against women has evolved considerably. And what would have been a very difficult thing for them to do before has become something more possible now.

This led to the owner of Broadwood Stadium in Clyde, North Lanarkshire Council, banning Goodwillie from playing on the pitch. A statement read: “We have informed the club that David Goodwillie must not be allowed access to the stadium for any purpose with immediate effect.

“If Mr Goodwillie enters the stadium, we will consider the contract to have been breached and we will take immediate action to terminate it.

“Furthermore, we have advised Clyde FC that the board intends not to renew the lease with the club when the Broadwood Stadium usage contract expires in May 2023.”

The board added: “In re-signing Mr Goodwillie, Clyde FC did not acknowledge this background or the concerns of the community, choosing instead to focus on providing Mr Goodwillie with the ability to play football.”

Clyde, who plays a division below Raith Rovers in League One, did not comment further than their 18-word statement.

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