It has developed a new discount system for OPT customers. This will make your accounts more attractive, which are not competitive within the bank.

It is clear what the purpose of the new discounts for OPT is. I want to make our packages more competitive for more active customers. ASA’s new packages are built similarly. The two banks in different market positions are somewhat on the same path and try to attract active customers with special packages, while those who barely use their bank account can pay much higher fees.

The banks were forced to do this mainly by different bank special taxes and free cash withdrawal from February. In addition, the Simple Account Package released last year by OPT may have been a big surprise, as it beats all other bank accounts within the bank , in almost every customer segment. Why wouldn’t customers switch to that? This is probably why the other accounts had to be made more attractive.

What are the new discounts?

shopping discount

The discount system of OPT is quite complex, it is worth checking out the branches or at least reading the announcement. While some of these discounts are similar to other banks’ credit or smooth activity deals, we also find it less transparent.

OPT also offers seven different discount packages. Some of these are for new accounts, while others are for existing customers. Discount packages usually have 2 to 2 discounts, one of which applies to the direct debit fee (the discount rate is currently $ 1.00 – not uncommon on the market, over $ 100-150), and the other is the account management fee. OPTdirekt gives you a significant discount on your monthly fee (50-100% rebate).

There is a package that includes only 1 discount

reducing your credit card’s annual fee to 0. However, one condition is that you receive significantly more credit than you requested at the time of application or request another new service. Although discounts can be claimed again, in theory, we can maintain our OPT bank account even with a continuous rebate, but in reality, it is unlikely that we will be able to meet the conditions on an ongoing basis.

All discount boxes can be read here . These discounts must be claimed separately in your account and then automatically activated when the condition is met, so “just” make sure you meet the conditions.

If you are looking for a cheap bank account, take a look at our calculator where you can choose the best one for you. Even within OPT it is worth looking around as there are huge differences in fees within a bank as we have written .

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