World’s only US mortgage specialist launched for international borrowers



TORONTO, October 26, 2021 / CNW / – Global Mortgage Group (GMG), with investors such as Mirae Asset Venture, Woori Bank of Korea and other well-known venture capital funds, was established to solve the problem of obtaining mortgages for overseas real estate investments in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

GMG announced the formation of America Mortgages, Inc., a mortgage specialist focused solely on international borrowers, both foreign nationals and US expats.

America Mortgages (AM), will offer global investors the same financing options as US citizens, but without the standard issues most investors face, such as not having credit to states -United or not to allow income earned abroad. Meanwhile, AM is applying for our banking license which will allow us to use technology to streamline the lending process from origination to underwriting.

What makes AM unique is that 100% of their borrowers are from outside from the United States, including Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, and South America.

AM offers the widest array of onshore mortgage options in the United States for offshore borrowers that the industry has ever seen. As with most American banks, credit unions, or bankers and mortgage brokers, virtually every borrower they encounter is live and work in the United States. Problems evolve when the borrower has no US footprint, no US credit, and no income earned abroad.

They address and resolve the issues that inevitably arise with those transactions with a broker or bank not experienced in this type of mortgage loan.

Robert chadwick, CEO, says, “We do not deal with anyone living or working in the United States. 100% of our clients live abroad. It’s our expertise and we do it better than anyone.

In addition to residential mortgages, GMG offers financing solutions for complex high value transactions, primarily for high net worth clients, family offices, private banks and institutions. These solutions generally revolve around land acquisitions and development, short-term bridging loans, commercial activities, hospitality, etc.

As our main objective indicates, “Creating a world where getting a mortgage where you don’t live is made easier, cheaper and accessible to everyone.”

The combination of scale, efficiency and market-leading services and technologies will enable GMG / AM to achieve its primary goal while creating an international mortgage brand to meet the demands of its global clients and their clients. “, said Donald klip, co-founder, Global Mortgage Group.

SOURCE America Mortgages

For more information: Robert Chadwick, CEO of America Mortgages, +1 830.564.3290, [email protected]


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